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by Striped Giraffe Team
10. September 2019
Time to read: 3 Minutes
Artificial Intelligence

11 Practical Usage Scenarios for Artificial Intelligence

There have been many articles on the implications of AI, especially in those business areas where the level of automation is still relatively low compared to some other industries. Data science and machine learning-driven technologies will definitely improve the way customers find and purchase products online. Most likely, AI platforms will very soon become essential for the success of solutions.

With this update, we’re starting a series of articles covering not only benefits and marketing information related to the key AI concepts in modern applications but also disclosing their implementation details.

Let us share with you the list of useful modules that the Striped Giraffe team will be sharing with the community in this series of featured stories:


Cross-channel personalization for e-commerce

User profile segmentation, image recognition and AI-powered search to provide tailored customer journeys and experiences.


Industrial anomaly detection solutions

Providing fully-fledged Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning-based monitoring solutions for your manufacturing machines and devices. Smart maintenance and industrial risk mitigation management thanks to the early outage and malfunction predictions.


Personalized marketing

Create interactive marketing engines driven by smart customer behavioral analysis engines. This is Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Markov Chain-driven …


AI solutions for the financial sector

AI-driven modules based on the Striped Giraffe IoT platform facilitate end-to-end solutions for credit decisions, credit and market risk, product development and product testing.


Product discovery

Using the power of NLP (Natural Language Processing) in combination with the Computer Vision, Striped Giraffe AI Product Search is able to enrich the product catalog information with the visual preferences of the user, ultimately providing highly personalized product presentations.


Visual search

Looking for a real-world object on the web? Modern technology makes it possible – just point your mobile phone camera at an object and the machine learning system will find similar objects for you.


Price optimization

Tailored AI-driven pricing policy helps companies to optimize their profits and find the right balance between price-like market metrics, distribution cost weight and market positioning.


Churn prediction

Continuous monitoring of own products and services detecting diverse signals of decreasing buying trends or decreasing customer satisfaction.


Sentiment analysis

Human emotion or opinion mining based on Natural Language Processing technologies enables companies to enhance their services and product portfolios with profound insights into how their offering impacts customers.


Efficient customer support

Natural Language Processing chat-bot solutions supported by the knowledge of the customer’s waiting time, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the operational costs of e-commerce platforms.


Fraud detection

Assessing transactions in real time providing e-commerce with the warning signals detecting suspicious or fraudulent activities.


* * * * *


Whether you’re an online retailer or not, we’d love to hear your comments below on how AI is impacting your world. We’d love to provide you with more in-depth information on the AI applications we’ve been discussing here and will start now with a series of articles addressing them case by case.

Which of the above topics do you find most interesting? Which do you think are missing from the list?

Your feedback is highly appreciated, as it helps us prioritize our future posts according to your interests.

That’s why we invite you to share your comments with us in a short online survey.

Stay tuned!

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