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Delivery Management

Ever more companies are choosing to not develop digital services as projects anymore, but to develop and run them within the scope of operational processes in their normal organizational structure. These companies establish ongoing product-development processes and permanent product-development organizations.

The term delivery management is increasingly being used to describe the management of the development and operation of digital services.

These tasks and responsibilities do not differ fundamentally from those of a project manager, but there are some additional challenges. For instance, product development here is designed for durability and high frequency. This means that the delivery organization often works on three releases simultaneously: one in production, one in implementation and one in preparation. What is more, the delivery organization is often also responsible for the functional and technical operation of the digital services. Responsibility for human resources and line management within the delivery organization often heighten the level of complexity even further.

With their expertise and experience, our staff help you make a success of your delivery organization.

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