The digitalization offers a universe full of possibilities and opportunities. Striped Giraffe accompanies you with individual consulting, IT technology and the appropriate solutions. Step by step, efficient and with the right eye.

Business Activities

From the first idea to the finished application

Standards and experiments
for quality and future viability.

We consider it a prerequisite and part of our responsibility to work with established and proven frameworks and standards…
… and at the same time to occupy ourselves with the latest developments in the developer world.

In this way, we ensure lasting quality of the applications and can foresee what direction the technology will move in over the medium and long term.

Use of established frameworks:

  • Use existing functionalities > and don’t keep reinventing the wheel
  • Constant further development/optimization by the developer community > for reliable functionality, performance, security
  • We and our customers profit from the sum of the global know-how in the world of developers.

Standards. Because without standards there is chaos. Because without standards there is chaos.

By adhering to global development standards, we guarantee legible, comprehensible, well-structured and efficient code. This includes internationally recognized standards such as

  • CSS Nomenclature (e.g. class name BEM)
  • Bootstrap – Structuring HTML CSS
  • Architecture standards (e.g. design pattern)

By considering the standard browsers and devices, we guarantee functionalities related to the target group in applications that are downward compatible (graceful degradation) and nevertheless use functionalities and possibilities of the most modern browsers.

Standards set by organizations and companies are the prerequisite and basis for valid code and a broad user group such as W3C, WCAG, WAI and Google.

Customers who trust us