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From the first idea to the finished application


Software only generates value if it is used. Optimal operation means optimal added value.

While the development of software and the product management that goes with it are rightfully given a lot of attention, very little is often paid to actually running the software. That is regrettable, because often great potential is left unexploited here.

As a rule, we make a definition between the functional (or commercial) operation and the technical operation of an application. Functional operation is about running its commercial aspects and the tasks it performs: up-to-date price lists, accurate product descriptions, reliable inventories, correct data transformations, etc. Technical operation is about taking care of the technical aspects of the infrastructure that the software, network and hardware run on. It aims to ensure minimal downtimes, fast response times, adequate capacity and high levels of security.

Particularly good results can be achieved with “You build it, you run it!” and DevOps scenarios, in which one single delivery organizationis charged with both the development and the operation of an application.

We provide this service with well-versed teams that consider it their challenge to constantly improve the performance and quality of their applications, to guarantee continuity in all fields and to give you planning reliability.

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