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Striped Giraffe is convinced that comprehensive, and most importantly early, testing of new increments lastingly improves the efficiency of development teams.

Test management refers to organizing and managing the test process. It encompasses mapping the requirements to the test scenarios, planning their execution, estimating the cost and work required and evaluating the risk. There are good tools on the market for assisting with the test-management process.

Typical test-management tools enable business requirements and user stories to be recorded, and the test cases to be compiled and maintained in the tool. Test cases that are linked to the respective requirements can be grouped into test cycles (e.g. releases or sprints), in order to display the progress of the tests and the pass/fail ratio. The test plan depends on things in the project setup such as who is in the team, what the customer expects, etc.

The plan is put together at the start of the project and defines all the kinds of test that are to be performed during the project: feature tests, regression tests, acceptance tests, deployment tests, performance tests, etc. Each of these tests has its own specific prerequisites and can be conducted in various different project phases.

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