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Business Intelligence

The experts from Striped Giraffe support you from the start to the closure of your business intelligence (BI) project – from the project planning and design to gathering data using data mining methods and processing them, all the way through to integrating them into the right BI software and ultimately visualizing the business-relevant information.

BI conjoins systematic data analysis processes with the goal of making effective strategic or operational decisions for the user. In doing so, it evaluates data from inside the company, from specific competitors or from the market as a whole, from various perspectives. The analysis of the results puts the user in a position to assess different options and make a well-founded decision on what to do.

Striped Giraffe stands for successful projects in the field of BI as well. We have a large arsenal of tools and methods at our disposal, and highly experienced experts, all of which enable us to provide you with a custom-tailored concept to meet your specific business needs.

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