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Like big data, cloud computing is also one of the biggest buzzwords in the context of digitization right now. Indeed, these two terms are inextricably interconnected. Big data analytics requires ever larger investments in ever newer IT infrastructure in order to be able to make truly valuable findings, while cloud computing offers the possibility of keeping the investments low, while nonetheless being able to upscale quickly and flexibly.

So cloud computing represents a relatively simple entry into the world of big data, by supporting the analysis of large data volumes in many ways. This enables companies to remain sustainably competitive and even open up entirely new markets for the products.

Striped Giraffe keeps a very close eye on the trends and developments in cloud and big data, and has already advised numerous customers in cloud projects. With profound expertise in big data and business intelligence, Striped Giraffe works out solutions for our customers that secure them competitive advantages for the future.

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