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The internet of things – or IoT – has long since grown out of its buzzword phase; its applications can be found all around the world already. Whether it be in our homes, in healthcare or in the industry – networked things are everywhere. So it comes as no surprise that many of the world’s best-known technology enterprises are investing in IoT technology.

Smart lighting and air-conditioning systems, locks, surveillance cameras, toothbrushes and loudspeakers are long since an integral part of our daily lives. And IoT will become a defining aspect in many fields that go far beyond merely the consumer industry: Industry 4.0 will make human intervention in the production process fully superfluous in most places, with entirely networked factories. Smart traffic-management processes will revolutionize traffic in big cities; and predictive maintenance will mean that the repair and servicing needs of machines and automobiles will be determined and managed in advance.

Striped Giraffe is already thinking about tomorrow’s solutions today, and we support you through all your first steps in IoT. We help you design the architecture for your ideas, advise you on possible applications and execute the implementation.

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