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Smart Data

Smart data is a term on many people’s lips nowadays – but what does it actually mean? Big data alone is not enough. More and other concepts are needed in order to be able to make profitable use of the immense volumes of big data that are being created.

Unlike big data, smart data is not about data volume, but about data quality and relevance. It enables data to be analyzed purposefully. For instance, industrial machines already deliver data from numerous sensors on operating statuses, resource consumption and efficiency. If you can evaluate these data with a specific purpose in mind, and if you have the domain know-how of a given machine, you can draw conclusions on anomalies in its operation or even anticipate future disturbances and in the best case rectify them before they even happen.

A range of different technology concepts are conceivable for realizing smart data solutions and processing data efficiently and reliably. Edge and fog computing are the first that come to mind.

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