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Process-driven e-commerce

Basic B2C functionalities can also be found in B2B. But B2B goes much further, is heavily process-driven and integrates itself extensively in the legacy systems of the involved parties and one’s own company.

Striped Giraffe is of the opinion that B2B will be the e-commerce market that experiences the greatest growth in future, and that for good reason: enormous opportunities for optimizing competitive advantages still lie dormant in B2B.

We prefer the Hybris software here too, because it is the framework that can respond most quickly and flexibly to each company’s individual needs.

Right from the very beginning of Hybris, we were involved in working on the basic B2B functionalities that Hybris now offers; furthermore, we implemented them in some of the very first projects. But we also know that a company’s individual expectations of dedicated B2B can be far more complex.

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