The digitalization offers a universe full of possibilities and opportunities. Striped Giraffe accompanies you with individual consulting, IT technology and the appropriate solutions. Step by step, efficient and with the right eye.



Only ordinary at first glance

Striped Giraffe breaks B2C implementation down into two main areas: the basic functionalities and the client’s individual requirements. In the first of these, our customers expect features such as catalogs, a wish list, a check-out process, a user account with all data and shopping overviews, social media integration, SEO optimization, etc. Customers today have the right to expect that a provider not only masters these things, but also provides the basic functionalities by means of a framework.

The client’s individual demands, on the other hand, encompass the special business processes and the system’s connection to the company’s IT landscape. Here, customers can trust in our special know-how in the fields of advisory services, analysis and implementation. This field, in which the individuality and recognizability of our customers has to be clear, needs very special attention so that a strong foundation is laid for each client’s future success.

Customers who trust us