The digitalization offers a universe full of possibilities and opportunities. Striped Giraffe accompanies you with individual consulting, IT technology and the appropriate solutions. Step by step, efficient and with the right eye.


Archieving goals together

Working with Striped Giraffe

We would now like to present an abstract but representative model for a successful collaboration, to give you a feeling for how Striped Giraffe works together with customers. It reflects the main aspects of the cooperation between client and service provider.

Many companies already have a digital department that occupies itself with the challenges of the future, both technical and otherwise. It is where the demands on a technical solution are brought together, classified and prioritized. But even without dedicated structures, it is the departments of a company that specify their needs, which are then to be bundled together by a product owner at the client. This person is the interface to the service provider at this level. On the technical level, an architect gives the product owner feedback about the time and costs required for a new feature, so that decisions can be made in advance on how to realize that feature.

Once the new functionalities have been chosen, and if they are to be realized, it is also the task of the product owner (at the service provider as a rule) to record these in the backlog. The development can comprise 1-n teams. Each team should have a team leader, developers and testers. They can be mixed (client and service provider) or provided by only one side.

The DevOps role has gained ever-growing importance in recent years as a fixed part of a modern software development team. This person can be from the client, or when from Striped Giraffe, keep in close and constant contact with the client’s internal IT department.

Every project needs traditional project management. Communication, presentation, coordination and planning are the areas that every project has to cover. No client is helped by vague statements on the delivery of a solution. As a rule, the commercial and personal success depends on this role.

Not every project needs steering committee meetings; but it is highly recommended to include this instance in a project, especially for large projects and when multiple parties (service providers) are all working on a single solution.

As we have already mentioned: this is an abstract model. Every client and every project has its own parameters that have to be accounted for. We are aware of this; the final setup is always created together with the client (and often improved on during the course of a project).


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