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Archieving goals together

Delivery Setup

The project manager is responsible for the entire project and its outcome.

He reports to a Project Board, which accompanies the project strategically and serves as an escalation level. Here it is irrelevant whether you or Striped Giraffe provide the project manager.

In each project we distinguish between the demand side and the supply side.

On the demand side, the responsible product manager and his team define the product to be developed. They understand markets and customers, users and their needs, as well as the acceptance of the product version currently on the market. This team also usually controls the cooperation and coordination with specialist departments. This team is called the Product Team – Scrum uses for the responsible product manager for example the title Product Owner.

The product team consists of domain experts, UX/CX designers and analytics experts. The product manager does not necessarily report to the project manager and is not necessarily part of the project organization in the narrower sense. However, their roles and responsibilities are essential for the success of the project.

On the supply side, the responsible delivery manager and his team develop the product in close and continuous coordination with the product team.

Smaller projects can manage with a single development team, larger projects require several. In smaller projects, the role of delivery manager can be performed by the project manager, for example.

Development teams are self-sufficient, i.e. they have all the necessary skills to carry out product development independently under normal circumstances. This includes, for example, software developers, business analysts, testers and UX/UI designers.

Some experts, such as architects, may support more than one team. These are then assigned to the Delivery Manager and not to a single team. At the same time, however, these experts can also support the product team.

The Project Manager coordinates the provision of services for the Delivery Team from other teams such as Application Development & Management and Infrastructure Management. He is responsible for the overall result and represents the project to management and governance bodies.

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