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Cloud computing offers the possibility of keeping the investments low, while nonetheless being able to upscale quickly and flexibly.

Cloud Computing

Big data and cloud computing are inextricably interconnected. Big data analytics requires ever larger investments in ever newer IT infrastructure in order to be able to make truly valuable findings. Cloud computing on the other side offers the possibility of keeping the investments low, while nonetheless being able to upscale quickly and flexibly.

So, cloud computing represents a quite simple entry into the world of big data, by supporting the analysis of large data volumes in many ways. This enables companies to remain sustainably competitive and even open up entirely new markets for the products.

We keep a very close eye on the trends and developments in cloud and big data. Whenever it comes to data management projects we are looking for the best possible solution and consider all data-related technologies.

Integration Platform-as-a-Service


The increasing use of cloud services confronts many companies with the challenge of integrating these services neatly and reliably into their business concept. In order to meet these demands on a reliable cloud service, many manufacturers today offer integration platform as a service products (iPaaS).

iPaaS offers the opportunity to prepare and provide integrations within the cloud, and between clouds or companies. This concept offers the users the possibility of developing integration flows for applications and joining them together, irrespective of whether the applications are in the cloud or on-premise, without having to install, configure or manage the underlying hardware and middleware.

Alongside the platform itself, iPaaS generally comprises tools and technologies that make it possible to develop and execute the integration flows, to assume the life-cycle management of integrations, and to make available the related governance functions.

Striped Giraffe keeps a close eye on this still young technology every day and advises you on all aspects of cloud integration.


No matter what digital challenge you are facing, we will support you. With various specialists in our team and our network of experts, we find the right solution for every problem.


Fresh ideas and in-depth know-how for your business

Do you need a new strategy or do you not yet know which solution best suits your venture? Let’s talk about your challenges and find the right answer for you, together.


Digital solutions that meet all requirements

Our project managers stand for the optimal fulfillment of the requirements from the areas of business, user, and technology.


We develop innovative solutions

We provide complete development teams on our own responsibility or complement existing teams with our expertise.

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We create customer experiences that inspire

We focus on the user in order to create a stunning customer experience.
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