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E-Commerce: Marketplace for a leading Logistics Provider

What was required

The Hybris (SAP CX) platform can be used to implement virtually any conceivable use case because the software is primarily a Spring-based framework.

For our customer, we should build a marketplace that allows merchants to post, maintain, and sell products to customers of the marketplace.

The traders are billed on the basis of a margin that differs per product group according to a classification system for products. The monthly settlement should be carried out in a dedicated ERP system based on Hybris.

All transactions between all parties participating in the platform were to be handled in a separate system, which called for Bafin and the necessary licensing.

Organisational challenges

Numerous service providers participated in the project, such as consulting firms, a UI / UX specialist, content providers, a hoster and a striped giraffe as implementing service provider.

The big challenge was to orchestrate everyone involved in the project. This task was performed excellently by the customer. All supplying parties were very closely interlocked with each other.

The entire project followed agile organizational and development structures. The sprints lasted 2 weeks; one sprint corresponded to one release, so that new software was delivered to the test environment every 2 weeks.

Technical Challenges

The project offered all technicians involved numerous implementation challenges.

The creation of an environment that was in no way inferior to that of a payment provider was a sub-project alongside the implementation of Hybris (SAP CX). All parties involved in the marketplace with the respective payment flows were handled via this platform.

Since the in-house SAP ERP system would have been overburdened with millions of individual transactions (partly also cent amounts), we built a small ERP based on Hybris (SAP CX), which carries out cent exact accounting for all marketplace participants.  The monthly balances are then transferred to the in-house SAP ERP.

In addition, the implementation of a BI solution during regular development was tackled at a very early stage in this project, so that meaningful reporting was available at the live date.


At the start of the project, Striped Giraffe was requested to use pure Scrum, but it soon became clear that this approach would not be enough. Time was short for everyone involved, and while the budget was not the primary concern, the scope and timeline were more or less set in stone. Whenever these three things are important in a project, Scrum has to be adapted. A project manager (there is none in Scrum) becomes necessary and traditional project management tools have to be applied. Binding commitments about the delivery of software components come to the fore; Striped Giraffe likes to use architects and team leads here, who can use their experience to give precise indications of the resources that will be required. In doing so, the sprint planning and sometimes also the retrospective are left out. This is what we did in this project.

Striped Giraffe proved time and time again throughout the course of the project that we can scale when required, and integrate additional resources or teams into ongoing projects smoothly and without frictional losses.

The delivery deadline was met. The product is still being further developed and improved to this day.

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