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E-Commerce: Worldwide B2B Solution

B2B application for a well-known tool and fastening systems manufacturer

What was required

Striped Giraffe was asked to convert an existing Hybris (SAP CX) application to responsive design within a very short timeframe. At the same time, the management of the editorial content was to be converted to Adobe AEM.

To do this, the existing application had to be divided up into two applications, which brought with it further challenges such as session sharing and handling. Numerous business processes had to be connected up to other global IT systems, and that within seven months.

Organizational challenges

An agile procedure for ensuring the success of the project had to be agreed upon with the client within just a few days. Because the delivery deadline was predetermined in advance, a pure Scrum approach was out of the question. Instead, Striped Giraffe built up a delivery structure together with the client, which transmitted the work to scalable teams in short iteration cycles. After each release, the remaining tasks were reassessed and a decision was made together on whether additional teams should be added to the project.

Technical challenges

Alongside the short timeframe, splitting the website into two different technologies was the key challenge. It first had to be decided which should be the predominant system. The Hybris system was chosen, and was then responsible for the transactional part of the application.

The Adobe Experience Manager was supposed to play an important role for the editorial content in the future. Adobe offers the editors in all the national branches the greatest possible convenience in processing content.

Outsourcing some of the services to a service platform then came on top of all that as a further challenge.


On this project Striped Giraffe worked very closely with the client’s technical department. As we like to be very agile, we did not need long change management processes, but continuous communication and coordination via status calls, JIRA and emails.

The roles within the project were assigned and filled between Striped Giraffe as the service provider and the customer in the sense of an overall project team, so that the classic barrier between service provider and customer was almost removed in the sense of the overall project success.

It is precisely this approach that has resulted in almost all project goals being delivered before their planned delivery time. To this day, Striped Giraffe works with the customer on the basis of this model.

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