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Business Intelligence: Informatica Interface Integration

Orchestration of data integration at a well-known motorcycle manufacturer with Informatica PowerCenter, across a complex and heterogeneous IT system landscape

What was required

The background was that the data from a legacy ERP system was to be transferred to an SAP ERP solution. A system had to be put in place that could also translate the no less than 450 highly complex interfaces in the company to the same solution.

We evaluated the market and Informatica PowerCenter was chosen as the best product for the task. The biggest benefit of this software lies in its serviceability, transparency, monitoring and its ability to be integrated into legacy systems, such as third-party workflow and BPM engines.

Organizational challenges

Replacing the legacy solutions throughout all our customers’ departments with the single PowerCenter solution was a huge challenge. The approach was partially sequential but also modular. Data from one department often had consequences for the delivery of data to another unit, so it had to be planned exactly which blocks of interfaces were to be brought together in which order to secure the modular implementation of the project as a whole.

Technical challenges

The technical challenge on this project lay in the preparation, because while we were aware of all the interfaces and transformations involved from the outset, the project had to be modular. This meant that the complete data storage and transformation concept had to be compiled for all interfaces before even starting.

Then there was an appealing concept that Informatica does not offer ootb – the creation of a framework for processing IDoc formats. In it, IDoc structures were transformed into relational database structures, from which all the target systems (again also SAP) were supplied with the data.


On this project Striped Giraffe worked very closely with the client’s technical department. As we like to be very agile, we did not need long change management processes, but continuous communication and coordination via status calls, JIRA and emails.

The roles within the project were assigned and filled between Striped Giraffe as the service provider and the customer in the sense of an overall project team, so that the classic barrier between service provider and customer was almost removed in the sense of the overall project success.

It is precisely this approach that has resulted in almost all project goals being delivered before their planned delivery time. To this day, Striped Giraffe works with the customer on the basis of this model.

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