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E-Commerce: Store Solution for leading Software-Provider

What was required

Striped Giraffe’s outstanding Hybris expertise attracted the attention of a global provider of corporate software. After several companies had experienced difficulties mastering a project with Hybris (SAP CX), we started providing our support in summer 2014.

Numerous separate e-commerce platforms had to be brought together on the Hybris platform, with many back-end systems being connected up to the commerce solution. The time available for the MVP was very short. The technically complex and demanding solution had to go live within the space of eight months.

Organizational challenges

At the start of the project there was no procedural model in the software delivery. Together with the client, we agreed on a highly agile procedure that enabled all involved parties to react flexibly to scaling at every level.

The demands on the concept were raised several times. The team was expanded multiple times during the first phase of the project, with the result that there were three times as many project members at the end as at the beginning.

Technical challenges

Hybris (SAP CX) was supposed to replace all the legacy e-commerce products in the company. One particular challenge here lay in bringing different product types together in one common catalog. Some typical products were on-premise software concepts, training courses, cloud-based offerings coupled with subscription models, test positions, etc.

The complexity was further increased across all product groups by the varying business processes in the back-end systems, special features in the check-out process and by taking standardized product baskets for type diversity.


From the very beginning, Striped Giraffe relied on an agile process model that was based on the principles of different methodologies.

The roadmap of the MVP was permanently changed during the first half of the implementation, but basically increased. As a result, Striped Giraffe was continuously challenged to react to the changing requirements by adding qualified personnel. The expectations of the roles in the project also changed; in the end, our services extended from the pure implementation department to all conceivable roles that can distinguish an IT project.

Particular attention was paid to the technical orchestration across all teams in order to keep the Hybris platform consistent.

The project was delivered at the required time. Striped Giraffe is still an integral part of this project and is responsible for the quality of the software.

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