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Other Fields of Activity

Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality

If not before, then at the latest with the advent of Pokémon GO, augmented, mixed and virtual reality finally staked their claim in the mainstream of the consumer market. And recent developments in smartphone hardware and software will quickly drive the market penetration forward – and also make these alternative realities interesting for the business context due to their relatively low costs.

The possible applications are many and varied, ranging from the identification and documentation of machine parts (motor vehicles, tools, industrial machines) to the simulation of room furnishings and installations in and on buildings, through to the creation of fully virtual realities or digital twins of industrial plants.

Augmented, mixed and virtual reality applications may be complex, but they do offer whole new types of customer and user experience. We are convinced that these technologies will open up entirely new opportunities in the fields of e-commerce and business intelligence. We help customers implement new, innovative technologies, so they can exploit the full potential of tomorrow’s solutions, as soon as possible.

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