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Other Fields of Activity


One essential area is product content management or product information management. In complex situations, dedicated solutions regularly lead to better results than attempts to manage product-related data and content within only one ERP system or e-commerce solution.

Some of the product data are only relevant in certain parts of the company, and are often managed there in local solutions. To exploit the opportunities of digitization, all of these data have to be brought together and supplemented by further content, in order to present products entirely and consistently in digital channels.

A centralized solution can lead to significant improvements in data quality and availability, and to considerable reductions in the administrative and editorial work required. Stibo is one of the solutions we prefer in the field of PIM and PCM. Centralized PCM/PIM solutions can unfold their full potential in an interplay with well-engineered enterprise search solutions like Squirro.

Especially with regards to Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality, product managers are facing completely new requirements. For example, CAD and 3D data are now also relevant outside product development and production areas.

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