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Squirro is a modern cognitive insights engine that uses predictive analytics, machine learning and other cutting-edge technologies to draw useful findings from even the most unstructured data. Use it to detect anomalies, investigate trends or predict future events before they happen. That way, your company can react early to future trends and exploit new opportunities! Squirro enables you to process and analyze large data volumes from various complex sources.

Intelligent systems gather data from every source, in order to be able to deliver the right kind of information at the right time and in the right context. The concept engine recognizes semantics-related topics in real time and enables the use of smart filters during ongoing operation. Data can be enriched with sentiments, entities, tags and storage locations, to uncover hidden dimensions. In combination with the search for entire concepts, instead of the usual search for keywords, search results are continuously refined and improved, in order to provide the user with results of the greatest relevance.

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