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SAP Hybris Billing

With Hybris Billing, SAP offers a high-performance solution for agile and transparent turnover management. SAP Hybris Billing can easily be integrated into existing billing systems, lifting their efficiency, flexibility and transaction volumes to new heights. Striped Giraffe assists its customers from the evaluation and concept design through to the implementation along their entire value chain.

SAP Hybris Billing is then in a position to map the entire consume-to-cash process – starting with charging for services and products used, to invoicing and on through to receivables management. It can be used to develop new agile pricing models in real time, and to precisely predict their effects. Individualized offerings enhance the personal client experience and lead to a shorter time to market, lower operating costs and greater customer satisfaction. What is more, the option of including a creditworthiness and payment history of individual customers also leads to a lower risk of bad debts.

SAP Hybris Billing offers a wide range of solutions:

  • Management of subscription orders for acquiring customers with subscription offers.
  • Reactive quality control for evaluating customer data in real time or batch enables a flexible and timely reaction to changing customer needs and market reactions.
  • Agile calculation of pricing models in order to be able to offer individually tailored and usage-dependent pricing at any time. Its intuitive operation means no programming is required, thus reducing the time to market.
  • Precise invoicing, lowering the number of customer queries and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Versatile document management enables the fast and easy creation of all business communication and documentation, both on paper and electronically, e.g. for invoices, delivery notes, receipts and account statements.
  • Customer finance management reduces bad debts through the highly automated processing of receivables and incoming payments.
  • Consolidated billing brings the billing of product packages, subscriptions and services together in one offer, contract and invoice, preventing unnecessary queries and enhancing customer satisfaction and adherence to payment deadlines.

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