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Many data governance solutions are IT-driven and have a deep-seated technical approach. Informatica Axon, on the other hand, starts with the user, because only users have the required business understanding and responsibility for the data, enabling them to gauge the importance, sensitivity and quality of the data.

Axon is part of Informatica’s intelligent data platform and enables companies to successively define their entire data landscape using description objects that are not based too closely on technical circumstances, and instead enable users to map their view of the company and its data and business processes. Axon uses customary terms such as data set, system, attribute, maps, etc. rather than special technical terms like Oracle tbale, SAP-MM, ID_Customer.

Also important in this context is Axon’s broad scope. It is designed to allow as many users as possible to contribute their view, thus contributing to the completeness and correctness of the metadata and the governance model. The business know-how is distributed among numerous minds throughout the entire company, and therefore has to be gathered from all over in order to provide a full picture. As a tool, Axon can be made available to all business users so that they can all see, check and, where applicable, correct the descriptions. Who has what rights can be managed in Axon, as it offers single sign-on via LDAP.

By linking these objects to stakeholders, the people responsible can be informed immediately when changes are made to them. Change request workflows can be created within Axon for this purpose. These may also include stakeholders of linked objects. It is even possible for users to actively observe and object, even if they are not a stakeholder. And the observers of an object can also be evaluated, which means that it is often even possible to determine when there are interdependencies between objects that have not yet been documented.

And what is more, Axon also interacts with the technical components EDC (Enterprise Data Catalog) and IDQ (Informatica Data Quality) and gathers required technical information from there to enrich its own data.

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