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Big data describes enormous data volumes that can only be managed and processed with special methods and solutions. Informatica offers a number of highly-developed solutions for obtaining relevant information from immense data volumes, on the basis of which well-founded decisions can then be made. Informatica uses only the latest technologies and is considered the market leader in many fields.

The experts from Striped Giraffe have been working with the solutions from Informatica ever since the dawn of the big data age, to find the right responses to the various project demands:

  • Enterprise Data Lake is a solution for finding, preparing and managing data for analysis that enable companies to make decisions even faster.
  • Enterprise Data Catalog refers to a machine-learning-based data catalog that classifies and organizes data bases in the cloud, on-premise and in big data solutions.
  • Big Data Streaming transforms streaming data into reliable insights on real-time analysis.
  • Big Data Management is a fully-networked data-management solution for accessing, integrating, cleansing, managing and securing large data volumes.
  • Big Data Parser offers access to even difficult data and file formats in Hadoop.
  • Relate 360 ensures the success of large data-analysis projects, in which the relationships between connected data can be made visible.
  • Informatica Big Data Quality uses Hadoop, NoSQL and a cloud or local data environment to ensure the quality of data.

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