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Cloud Services

With cloud technologies, companies can drive innovations forward, find possible efficiency enhancements and gain insights into their own company that help make important improvements to business processes. But these benefits are only garnered if the cloud infrastructure employed enables all data, applications and processes to be integrated, synchronized and connected, either throughout the entire company or in part of the environment.

Already today, Informatica offers a large number of highly developed cloud services and is always further developing them:

  • Informatica Cloud Data Integration, a leading enterprise cloud data management solution for effectively supporting business transformations.
  • Cloud Application Integration, a product for integrating various data sources in real time, supported by intelligent business processes.
  • API Management, an integrated design environment from Informatica, which enables various classes of APIs, such as applications, data services or data set APIs to be created.
  • Cloud B2B Gateway enables partners to be on-boarded quickly, in order to automate the safe exchange of data through a cloud interface.
  • Cloud Integration Hub accelerates the digital transformation with a modern approach for the efficient integration of multiple clouds and on-premise applications.
  • Master Data Management provides a very precise view of a company’s master data, thus optimizing the customer experience and business processes.
  • Data Quality and Governance Cloud ensures that data are valid, up to date and correct.

Data Security Cloud protects sensitive and private data, improves compliance and helps assert usage guidelines.

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