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PowerCenter is a market-leading ETL tool. ETL stands for Extraction – Transformation – Load. Here, data are extracted from a source, transformed according to predefined requirements and then loaded into a data warehouse. The connection to the sources is through technical systems, enabling the mass processing of data.

A metadata-oriented tool, PowerCenter is capable of encapsulating every step of the processing in such a way that changes required there have no influence on other areas. So if you change the source of the data extractions, the transformation and loading of that adjustment are not affected.

PowerCenter continues to strictly discern between logical and physical processing definitions, so the processing can be logically defined before the systems to be connected are physically accessible. For the extraction, PowerCenter offers ODBC and access to various database systems and a connection to various applications (e.g. SAP) and formats like XML.

The extensive transformation options in PowerCenter can be extended more or less at will, e.g. through database procedures or Java programs. And the loading options are just as broad as the extraction ones, and they also offer a connection to big data solutions.

The field of use for PowerCenter encompasses the management of data warehouse structures as well as one-off migration projects and the occasional comparison of data when running two solutions in parallel during a conversion phase.

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