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SAP Hybris Marketing

SAP Hybris Marketing offers high-performance tools that help marketing specialists understand their customers.

What have those customers done, what are they doing now, and what will they do in the future? Hybris Marketing generates insights into customer demands and market trends in real time, enabling customers to be addressed directly, personally and with relevant content. This increases both the conversion rate and customer loyalty.

  • Dynamic customer profiles bring together customer data from all conceivable sources, making it possible to precisely analyze customer behavior and gain insights into customer motivations and intentions.
  • Through segmenting and campaign management, customers are addressed with specific and relevant content and real-time communication is established with them.
  • Marketing solutions for commerce make it possible to influence a customer’s purchase decision more quickly and precisely, because the customers can be addressed personally and their needs are well known.
  • Using analysis solutions for marketing, marketing campaigns are evaluated with real-time analyses, enabling the effect of campaigns to be optimized agilely.

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