The digitalization offers a universe full of possibilities and opportunities. Striped Giraffe accompanies you with individual consulting, IT technology and the appropriate solutions. Step by step, efficient and with the right eye.

Strategy & Innovation:

We ensure the successful digital transformation of your



Our projects generally have an innovation character for our customers and lead to new products or services, new partners, work methods, business processes or technologies – often many of which simultaneously.

Successful digital transformation requires regular changes that go far beyond the mere launch of a new software application or component. At the end of the day, it encompasses every business unit and every employee of a company.

We make planned and gradual changes in enterprises, in order to keep the prospects of success and acceptance high and risks and costs to a minimum. Of course, the original plan has to be adjusted continuously to account for changing circumstances.

A step-by-step and modular procedure raises the acceptance among decision-makers in the company, and successes in individual areas increase the approval levels among staff. The prospects of the success of all innovation and change are significantly improved by actively involving as many employees as possible. In addition to gaining new insights from third-party perspectives, the acceptance among the people in your enterprise also increases significantly.

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