The digitalization offers a universe full of possibilities and opportunities. Striped Giraffe accompanies you with individual consulting, IT technology and the appropriate solutions. Step by step, efficient and with the right eye.


Close to the norm.
Beyond expectations.

Even if norms aren’t our nature, they are indispensable as a guideline for evaluation, for achieving the optimal results and for fast and efficient working.

Human-centric designis a way of designing interactive systems that aims to make systems usable and effective by concentrating on the users, their needs and demands, and by using knowledge and techniques of ergonomics and work science in the field of usability. This approach increases effectiveness and efficiency, accessibility and sustainability and improves the comfort and satisfaction of the users.

The success factors are there:

  • Analysis of all specific requirements, user groups and stakeholders
  • Definition of objectives
  • Create Personas and Userstories
  • Usability Concept
  • Design of user interfaces in moodboards
  • Fast start of visualization in layouts and prototypes
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Device Testing / Test Farm
  • Usability user testing based on test cases
  • Accessibility
  • Iterative optimization
  • Device-independent (Responsive) conversion
  • Long-term observation

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