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Content Management

Content management – the organization of digital content – is immensely important for all channels and platforms. It is about both the content itself and the right way to present it.

Ultimately, you want to create experiences for your customers. The better you succeed in doing so, the more likely it is that users will turn into buyers and one-time shoppers will become loyal customers.

That is why content management is so important to us. It is part of almost every project. It goes from choosing the right system, to support for the relevant processes, to connecting all the necessary resources and on to the correct output of content through all of the company’s channels.

A content management process usually involves many people and various departments, and not infrequently channels outside the company. These include authors, photographers, graphic designers, web designers, and marketing and sales staff.

Content management systems must do the following:

  • Control all content, including versioning (user roles and rights system, workflow, etc.)
  • Give the option to modify, delete (even automatically in the future) and update all content, including images, text, video, and audio
  • Enable cross-team collaboration (process and workflow engines)
  • Distribute content across multiple channels
  • Efficiently create, organize and distribute content
  • Offer centralized storage (repository)
  • Approval management (user roles and rights management)
  • Enable the fast creation of new pages, websites, or landing pages based on templates
  • Reflect your corporate identity and corporate design

Content Management Systems

Depending on your requirements, we can recommend various content management systems (CMS) or enterprise content management systems (ECM). During the selection process, we examine all relevant systems using measurable parameters and work with you to determine the ideal solution. Beyond CMS/ECM, we also keep an eye on suitable digital asset management solutions.

Our partners offer a wide range of solutions in this field.


No matter what digital challenge you are facing, we will support you. With various specialists in our team and our network of experts, we find the right solution for every problem.


Fresh ideas and in-depth know-how for your business

Do you need a new strategy or do you not yet know which solution best suits your venture? Let’s talk about your challenges and find the right answer for you, together.


Digital solutions that meet all requirements

Our project managers stand for the optimal fulfillment of the requirements from the areas of business, user, and technology.


We develop innovative solutions

We provide complete development teams on our own responsibility or complement existing teams with our expertise.

User Experience

We create customer experiences that inspire

We focus on the user in order to create a stunning customer experience.
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