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AI optimizes many processes, frees up resources, and adds real value to R&D, marketing, sales, production, legal, and more.

Significant Benefits

There seems to be hardly any digital challenge that cannot be solved by an AI application. New tools are constantly coming onto the market. And the market volume of artificial intelligence knows only one path – upward.

There are many examples of use cases that are revolutionizing entire industries. We have taken a closer look at some of them and summarized them for you in industry-specific booklets.

AI in E-Commerce

Globally, artificial intelligence is the technology that is expected to have the biggest impact on e-commerce in the coming years.

AI in Finance and Insurance

Especially in critical topics such as risk management or legal issues, but also in commercial areas such as sales and marketing, AI applications can provide the decisive competitive advantage.

AI in Pharma and Healthcare

For example, AI can simulate the chemical interactions used to evaluate a drug's efficacy.

AI in Automotive

Generative AI can make a significant contribution to productivity gains.

Our approach

We have shared a fascination for artificial intelligence for many years. However, we also warn our customers not to use AI just because others are doing it. For pretty much every company, there are areas in which AI can be used profitably. We can elicit these together with you.

In the second step, we can then work with you to find or develop a suitable solution.

Usually, we discuss this in advance with all stakeholders involved in order to both highlight the benefits and ensure later acceptance.

It is particularly important that the data basis is correct. After all, AI applications can only be used meaningfully if the data is of the right quality and is managed optimally.

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This leads to a long-term cooperation with our customers, which we appreciate very much. You can find even more e-books, case studies, and co. in our Insights.

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