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Agile Data Warehouse

In agile times, intelligent approaches to DWHs must also be found that meet the ever-changing business process requirements.

What do you consider to be a Data Warehouse (DHW)?

There is still a widespread idea that a Data Warehouse is a huge system that provides a lot of data with complex correlations. In many companies, decision-making is based on data that is updated on a weekly or monthly basis. The implementation of new requirements and reports is time-consuming and therefore expensive and is subject to longer release cycles. DWHs are classic long-runners. Therefore, knowledge of their overall complexity usually becomes scarce within companies and their maintenance costs increase. This is why DWHs are often regarded as monolithic long-term solutions.

Agile Data Warehouse

In agile times, intelligent approaches to DWHs must also be found that meet the ever-changing business process requirements. For example, a data warehouse must be able to handle Big Data or integrable AI approaches. Today, new requirements have to be implemented in short sprints. We talk about agile data warehouse solutions because not only the implementation approach is agile, but also because the solution has to adapt flexibly to your requirements.

Migration of the DWH

Once the decision for an agile data warehouse has been made, most people are faced with the challenge of migrating the existing DWH without taking any risks. Of course, implementation time and budget are important and critical factors.

For DWH migration processes, we have developed best-practice approaches that can be used for all conceivable target infrastructures. By cleverly combining cloud and on-premise approaches, we are able to solve even complicated challenges, such as those relevant to data protection. We support you in changing your DWH module-by-module into an agile DWH without any risks and at the same time already integrating new functions in the target architecture.

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