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We provide complete development teams on our own responsibility or complement existing teams with our expertise.

We develop innovative solutions

Our passion for goal-oriented software solutions is reflected in each of our developers. In addition to their total dedication, they offer a high level of expertise in the JAVA environment.

With this expertise, they take on every digital challenge and develop tailor-made solutions. Of course, all systems and processes in your company are taken into account during the conception as well as the development and implementation.

In addition to individual Java development, we regularly certify our IT engineers in our partner systems (SAP CX, Informatica, Coremedia, and more).

System selection

When the time comes for you to acquire a new system, such as an e-commerce solution, a data warehouse or a digital asset management system, you can count on us for both the selection of the right solution and its implementation.

E-commerce platforms are the top B2B technology investment

Our development approach

In the beginning, we discuss your desired outcomes. Because in the end, the only thing that counts is the result. Next, we create or review the plans for developing and implementing the appropriate solution, taking into account your system landscape and processes. When all the lights are green, we get started. The extensive experience of our employees guarantees you not only a fast implementation but also the highest and most sustainable quality.

Basically, it is important to us that the software solutions can be operated intuitively. This is the only way to get the most out of it. For this reason, we train all users at the end of the project.

We offer you

We offer the following services:

  • Planning/conception
  • Audits
  • Software architecture
  • Solution architecture
  • Enterprise architecture
  • JAVA Programming
  • Tests
  • User training

In addition to our development services, we offer project management, delivery management, IT consulting, and user experience services. Depending on your needs, you will receive either individual solutions or everything from a single source.

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This leads to a long-term cooperation with our customers, which we appreciate very much. You can find even more e-books, case studies, and co. in our Insights.

Technology Overview & Evaluation Process

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IT Report


In order to achieve digital transformation, companies need to implement various digitalization projects. But how do you ensure that they are successful?
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