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BI & Advanced Analytics

Modern business intelligence (BI) solutions help you make better business decisions. They are no longer just complex data analysis tools but enable your people to access business data and gain deep insights at any time, from almost anywhere.

Made for the future

Modern solutions enable a quick and intuitive start, and thus they already enjoy broad acceptance today, with self-service BI developing into a new independence for your employees. This is especially important because data is becoming available even faster today, which means that there are also completely new demands on the time-relevance of analyses and forecasts. Companies have to face this new challenge and adapt to the new pace.

In the background, machine learning and advanced analytics methods help you find correlations in your data and draw the right conclusions or make amazingly precise predictions. The latest stage of development – the augmented analytics tools – take advantage of all these technologies, lifting analysis and its simplicity to a whole new level. Now the best analysis is of little use if you are not able to present it visually and tell the data story in an exciting way.

Our Approach

On all projects, we take the approach of stepping into our customer’s shoes and getting to know their situation. In the field of BI & Analytics, our experts therefore not only have to know and understand the purely data-based initial situation, they must also deal intensively with the requirements of your business users.

At the beginning of a BI project, our consultants define the requirements for the future solution together with you and analyze the processes and practices of your daily business. Ultimately we want to understand your business almost as well as you do! To this end, our business analysts, data scientists, developers and project managers work hand in hand with your SMEs and accompany them facing their daily challenges.

Based on the insights gained during this process, we then develop solutions and models incrementally that are tested step by step by your employees, whose feedback directly flows into further development. If machine learning models are to be used, our experts rely on a multi-stage process for selection and refinement to ensure that the selected models meet your requirements exactly and that only the appropriate models are trained and tweaked at the end of the process.

Furthermore, our UX/UI experts accompany the entire project so that all user interfaces and designs are created in such a way that they are comfortable to use and can be seamlessly integrated into the daily work of the users.

Your Added Value

The result is a solution that enables employees and management to gain just-in-time insights and perform accurate analysis. Using a variety of presentation tools, we can also help you visualize the gained insights in a way that fits seamlessly into your CI and impressively underpins your data story.

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