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In the end, what counts is the result. All parties involved contribute to it. This is exactly what Delivery Management ensures.

Project Management

The line between delivery management and project management is very thin and even disappears with some providers. Additional challenges arise for the delivery manager. While project managers focus on the completion of projects, delivery managers pay additional attention to the control of business processes and the performance of a company.

Release x 3

Project/product development is designed for continuity and high frequency. This means that the delivery organization often handles three releases simultaneously:

  • one release in production
  • a second in implementation
  • and a third in preparation

In addition, the delivery organization is often also responsible for the functional and technical operation of the digital services. Personnel responsibility and line management within the delivery organization often add to this complexity.

We offer you

Our employees support you with competence and experience to lead your delivery organization to success. In addition, we offer services in the areas of IT consulting, project management, development, and user experience. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with either individual solutions or everything from a single source.

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