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Personalization in

Websites and online stores that manage to inspire their visitors can shine with excellent conversions. Optimal user experience is the key to success.


B2B buyers find online purchasing frustrating

Goals of personalization in

Over time, the requirements for a good user experience keep changing. Visitors become more and more demanding. To meet their requirements, new trends are constantly emerging.

Personalization is currently one of the biggest trends when it comes to creating an inspiring customer experience.

The goals are no less than:

  • Optimization of the user experience
  • Improvement of customer data


Due to its high importance, we have examined the topic of “personalization” from all sides and summarized the results in an e-book series.

E-Book Personalization 01

Customer Experience

E-Book Personalization 02

E-Commerce Use Cases



The 3rd e-book in this series is currently in progress and will be published this spring. It will focus on the technical implementation. If you would like to be informed as soon as the e-book is available, please send a short request to marketing@striped-giraffe.com. We will get back to you accordingly.

Data is the foundation

Personalization is primarily a topic for sophisticated data management.


Your checklist:

  • Is all relevant data in one central location?
  • Is there a concept for the data flow?
  • Have specific responsibilities been defined?
  • Do the technologies used cooperate with each other to avoid data silos?

You should clarify these and other questions in advance in order to make the best possible use of the customer data that you gain through personalization.

Implicit and explicit personalization

Ideally, both variants can be combined. In addition, they also work separately from each other. Explicit personalization in particular is on the rise since implicit personalization is subject to ever-increasing legal and technical restrictions. Here, those responsible must pay particular attention to the valid cookie guidelines. Users are required to give their explicit consent.

Implicit personalization

  • Only assumptions are made
  • Conclusions based on surfing behavior, GPS data, and much more
    Systems track this automatically
  • CAUTION: The tracking cookies used for this purpose are becoming more and more restricted both technically and legally.
  • Website visitors must explicitly agree to the cookies. Otherwise, conventional tracking is prohibited.

Explicit personalization

  • The customer reveals his wishes himself
  • Suggestions must be created to obtain customer data.
  • A concept for the content and the technology used is urgently needed.


Customer data is a sensitive asset. When customers trust you with their data, you should tell them exactly what you use it for.

And they should have the option of withdrawing their consent to use their data at any time.

With the right consent management, you can meet the requirements of the GDPR and create trust.

Depending on what you use the personal data for, users should always be able to

  • subscribe and unsubscribe to certain newsletters or thematic mailings, for example.
  • see in which system the data is stored and for what purpose.
  • object to the storage of the data.

Practical Aproach


For SAP CX we have developed an extension for the personalization of online stores. Various personalization measures can be illustrated using this practical example.

MyChoice Features

  • You can provide certain product areas in your online store for processing.
  • Let customers select product categories and subcategories individually.
  • Collect user data for personalized offers and marketing campaigns.
  • Analyze the most successful product categories.

If you are interested in a demo, contact ecommerce@striped-giraffe.com.

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