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Data Quality

We support clients in all verticals and of all sizes with the goal-oriented implementation of their data quality frameworks.

Trusted Data – basis for your business decisions

Data is the basis of most business decisions, whether they are made by humans or machines. Data of poor quality can therefore quickly become a problem, e.g. due to incorrect values on your management dashboards, inaccurate information to customers, errors in product development, or breaches of regulatory compliance. With all the challenges inherent to the field of data management, you should therefore focus on ensuring that your data builds a trusted foundation for your decisions. Your data has to correctly represent the real-world objects and fit the intended use in processes and decision-making operations.

We support clients in all verticals and of all sizes with the goal-oriented implementation of their data quality frameworks. In doing so, we usually take a process-driven approach, where all processes that deliver data are designed to ensure high data quality from the very beginning.

Determining the quality of data

According to the ISO quality management standard, quality is the degree to which given requirements are fulfilled. This can also be applied to data. Using data quality dimensions, we define data characteristics that can be measured or assessed against defined standards in order to determine the quality of data and derive appropriate measures.

Who is
responsible for data quality?

Data quality is often seen as the responsibility of IT, but we think it is an enterprise-wide obligation. Data quality initiatives should include the entire data lifecycle; from the moment data are captured to the moment they used to tell great data stories. Every business process must align with the data management strategy so that data quality, security, and standardization can function holistically as a balanced ecosystem.

The data quality frameworks we develop together with your stakeholders therefore not only provide IT-related roles but also assign responsibility to the business.

the right technology

Of course, these concepts are nowadays supported by various complex software products that are able to monitor and thus continuously improve the quality of your data using data quality rules.

We support you along your complete DQ initiative: from selecting the right tools, designing the framework, and developing a PoC, to implementing the solution including the data quality rules. We define these rules in advance together with your business experts, based on your business requirements, and then implement them for you.

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