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Data Integration

The biggest challenge is merging data silos to gain a holistic view.

The beginning of most data journeys

The start of most of our clients’ data journeys lies with solid yet highly agile data integration.

Even today, many clients face the challenge of holding their data in disparate silos. These are usually historically grown but have the disadvantage that an integrated view on the data becomes impossible. Many companies, therefore, don’t even know which data assets they actually have, or recognize important correlations only with difficulty or not at all.

Solid data integration helps to derive the best business insights.

In the past, many decision-makers considered data integration projects to be long and painful. We believe that the development of new technologies opens up many new ways to make data integration agile and flexible.

Martina Deffner, Managing Director at Striped Giraffe

Insights via Data

During the evolution of IT, data has always been considered an internal corporate asset, that companies wanted to have full control over and thus stored it in their own protected environment. However, the confluence of digital technologies and an ever-increasing amount of data led to decentralized data management.

At any given time, companies are dealing with various digital transformation initiatives in parallel. Traditional methods of using legacy data integration solutions may not be adaptable enough to meet the requirements of connecting multiple endpoints hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

In such cases, our experts combine the advantages of both worlds to create the right solution for your requirements. The flexibility and scalability of cloud-based data integration platforms support you efficiently while simultaneously using stable and secure on-premise solutions. We maintain various partnerships with best-in-class software vendors and can therefore rely on extensive know-how in world-leading enterprise solutions to provide you with a perfectly integrated view of your data landscape today and in the future.

Also, here we act independently of software manufacturers and also like to take unconventional paths, for example combining tools from different vendors, in order to ensure maximal customer benefit and a seamless user experience.

Foundation for many data-driven initiatives

On the basis of good data integration, many further steps are possible that offer you a variety of competitive advantages.

The data integration process is not just Extracting, Transforming, and Loading (ETL) data process from various sources to the legacy data warehouse. Data Integration is a full set of techniques where the ETL processes play the key role. Nowadays the ETL is enhanced with great capabilities of profiling, cleansing standardizing, validating, enrichment, de-duplication, and consolidation of data, big data processing, and also helps to govern the data.

Besides that, it is crucial that the data meets pre-defined data quality standards. The entire process of integrating data, enriched with advanced data quality functionalities, plays a key role in providing a reliable single source of truth.

Then the BI solutions base their analyses best on cleanly integrated data that meet pre-defined data quality standards. In addition, completely new possibilities open up in the area of the 360° view of different data objects, like products or customers.

Together with our colleagues from the e-commerce area, we are able to accompany you throughout the entire lifecycle of your data.

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