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Digital Self-Services

Digital self-services will be vital in the future. And they should not be neglected, because they bring many advantages for all parties involved.


Whether B2B or B2C – customers today expect digital self-services from an online platform. They form a central element of the user experience. So customers can order or process products and services in your customer portal wherever and whenever they want. And they receive all the information they need at the touch of a button, without having to interpose a company employee. This inevitably leads to a high level of customer satisfaction and thus to strengthened customer loyalty.

Suppliers also want to benefit from the advantages of digital self-services. After all, the independence of time and location is becoming increasingly relevant. Nowadays, flexibility is one of the decisive competitive advantages.

Even employees use digital self-services, for example, in the form of online access to salary documents or vacation requests, and much more.

Employees are relieved by the use of self-services and can concentrate on other productive tasks. This in turn increases efficiency in companies and saves immense costs. In addition, self-services can be monitored precisely and generate automated reports. This, in turn, can be used to optimize processes, products, etc.

The list of benefits for all stakeholders is long and will continue to evolve in the future.

We have observed that with all the possibilities of self-services, the user’s added value should be the first and foremost consideration. Cost reduction and process optimization should not be the sole drivers; they arise automatically.

Unfortunately, many digital self-services are still well hidden and not intuitive for the user. In this context, a good user experience is also essential.

Our approach

We assist in identifying and advising on digital self-services in all areas. With a wealth of experience across many verticals, we can bring this expertise to bear and be an ideal sparring partner for our clients. The same applies to very specific requirements, where we can always provide feedback on the technical implications.

In the end, we stand by our customers as an implementation partner. Services can be integrated into existing software solutions or implemented as stand-alone applications. This means that the individual services can be developed in an agile manner within a short period of time, regardless of the technology. And this applies to any company size.

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Digital Self-Services

Digital self-services in a nutshell: Benefits, challenges, trends, use cases, etc. in one booklet.

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    No matter what digital challenge you are facing, we will support you. With various specialists in our team and our network of experts, we find the right solution for every problem.

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