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ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance (responsible corporate management). Business’s contribution to sustainable development is our responsibility.

ESG Report

Generally, all companies concerned must submit an annual ESG report. This report records the progress that has already been made in the areas of environmental, social and corporate governance. Measurement is carried out both quantitatively and qualitatively using specific key figures. The exact metrics to be measured must be based on the ESG standards (e.g. IFRS, CDSB, GRI or SASB).

A company’s decision on which framework to use to prepare an ESG report can depend on various factors:

  • Industry standards
  • Investor requirements
  • Standards
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Internal company objectives

Ultimately, the choice of ESG reporting framework may depend on a combination of these factors, with companies often selecting the framework that best meets their specific requirements while providing transparent and consistent reporting.

You can find detailed information on this in our e-book.

Correct data management

Companies need to consider how they can gain important insights from their ESG data and how they can use the data to design their ESG report. There are already many reporting solutions on the market. The so-called ESG software automates the process of collecting, aggregating, and analyzing ESG data to support decision-making. The platform creates a framework based on the ESG standards of your choice.

Feeding this with correct, auditable, and verifiable data is important. To achieve this, sophisticated data management must form the basis for creating your reports.

This includes

  • Data governance
  • Data quality
  • Data architecture


The data topics relating to ESG are very diverse. Therefore, we have set up a team of experts who can provide you with active support during implementation.

Specifically, we can offer you the following:

Data catalog

In order to bundle all relevant data for ESG reporting, we integrate a data catalog as part of your data governance strategy. The data catalog enables structured and transparent management of relevant data.

This includes in detail

Identification and classification of all relevant metadata required for an ESG report
Creating an overview of all systems in which the data is stored and the corresponding responsibilities
Traceability of the data flow and enrichment of the data
Mapping of the technical data objects with the corresponding functional data structures, terminologies and data records. This makes it easier to understand the data and shows the relationships between the various ESG data elements.

Data integration

Next, we take care of merging and combining ESG-relevant data. We use the data catalog to identify different data sources.

Example: The different formats that exist in systems must be standardized for efficient ESG reporting. To do this, we conduct a mapping and data transformation to standardize formats. Or we automate data integration steps to make ESG reporting processes more efficient.

Data quality

It is very important to create data quality rules to check the data used for ESG reporting. The data catalog can also help here. Once data quality rules have been created, e.g. for completeness, the data catalog can be used to track where errors or problems occur with the data. These can then be rectified in the relevant systems.


Download ESG e-book

We have compiled a lot of information about ESG in our e-book “ESG – It is our responsibility”. In addition to the topics mentioned on this page, you will also find insights into ESG in e-commerce and sustainable software development, as well as challenges in data management and legal requirements.

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