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Data Governance

Nowadays, data is the most important asset that will determine the success of your business or organization.


Companies can use data assets in the proper way and do a successful digital transformation only if they are able to govern their data.

Therefore, it is necessary to design and implement a data governance framework that fits your way of doing business and your business objectives. This framework must control the data standards and delegate the required roles and responsibilities within your organization. It must also co-exist with the business ecosystem around your company. In other words, a data governance framework provides your organization with a holistic way to collect, manage, secure, and store data.

Data governance deliberates on the roles, responsibilities, and processes for ensuring accountability and ownership for data assets. A data governance framework can be seen as a set of principles and best practices that helps to achieve high quality through the complete lifecycle of company data assets. Data governance is a function that supports an organization’s overarching data management strategy.

A corresponding maturity model is a very effective way of designing the roadmap and communicating the actual and targeted parts of the data governance initiative and the context for a data governance framework deployment.

Areas of data management

The following list helps better understand what areas of data management are covered by a data governance framework:

  • Data architecture
  • Data modeling
  • Data storage
  • Data quality
  • Data security
  • Data integration
  • Data interoperability
  • Reference data
  • Master data
  • Business intelligence / reporting
  • Metadata

Our approach

As data governance initiatives involve the whole organization, it is mandatory to have well-documented descriptions of the different roles and responsibilities within the initiative and how they have to interact. We usually set up a RACI matrix together with your team, to ensure that all involved people are aware of their role and its expectations.

When implementing data governance initiatives in your company, we rely on internationally proven best practices and tailor the framework to your exact requirements. If a dedicated department is responsible for data governance in your company, this is our first point of contact. In order to tailor all policies, standards, and procedures precisely to your organization, our experts talk to all the departments involved.

Also within data governance initiatives, we strive for an iterative approach and develop the required deliverables in close collaboration with your teams. The framework is developed piece by piece until it is seamlessly integrated into your organization and its operational processes.

Let’s get

To get you up and running in the world of data governance, we have designed dedicated packages for you. They provide you with our knowledge and best-practice approaches in a condensed form to accelerate your digitization initiatives.

These packages cover everything from an introduction to the basic topics of data governance to complete preparation for the implementation of a corresponding framework in your company. Of course, these predefined packages can be supplemented with individual modules. Here, your requirements can be addressed even more individually, for example in customized training sessions for your stakeholder groups.

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