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User Experience

We create experiences that inspire customers.

What matters

So in our work, we focus on the users. Taking into account their needs, habits, and experiences – online and offline – we define their requirements for a great user experience. By closely aligning concept, design, and programming, and pairing this with decades of experience in developing applications, we guarantee you first-class results and happy users.

B2B buyers will change suppliers for a better online experience

The perfect application…

…works on any device,

…looks good,

…is intuitive,

…offers the user the greatest possible ease of use,

…is fun.

Our approach

Good UX design is an ongoing process. It starts by identifying all stakeholders and defining their needs. Based on this, we develop personas, user stories, and finally the design.

We integrate all the gained insights and feedbacks into the iteration and synchronize them with the design until the optimal result is achieved. Before we start with the design, we look at what the application is actually supposed to do. Is it e-commerce, an enterprise portal, an app, or a completely new type of development? Each application has its own rules, and each requires a high level of knowledge, flexibility and creative experience. We follow the DIN recommendations to design an optimal workflow and check all results.

Our standard

Compliance with global development standards guarantees readable, understandable, well-structured, and efficient code. This includes internationally recognized standards such as

  • CSS nomenclature (e.g. class names BEM)
  • Bootstrap – HTML CSS structuring
  • Architecture standards (e.g. Design Pattern)

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