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IT Consulting

The challenges faced by IT managers are constantly increasing. We can provide comprehensive support here.


Challenging times demand adequate and flexible solutions. The range is huge. The right solution can be found or developed for every company and every problem.

To find the right approach, we are your experienced sparring partner. Tell us your problem and we will work with you to develop several possible solutions.

We always take into account the requirements of the business departments, your system landscape, and the know-how of your internal teams. On this basis, you will receive our recommendations.


What does that mean in concrete terms? Let’s talk and find out together where we can support you.

These would be possible approaches:

  • System architecture

On request, we can analyze your system architecture in terms of flexibility, compatibility and future viability.

  • Team setup

Do you already know how your teams should ideally be set up for the individual projects? We will be happy to support you in this and add missing resources if necessary.

  • Agile software development

The topic of “agile software development” is very trendy. However, it often does not lead to the desired success. Therefore, we are happy to help you choose the right frameworks, methods and tools as well as the right metrics.

  • Assessment

Finding the right system from this huge range is a major undertaking. An appropriate evaluation right at the start is crucial. That is why we are happy to support you.

  • Audits

We are your partner for auditing various systems and programs.

  • Data management

This is an incredibly broad field that provides the basis for everything – far beyond IT. But in IT, you lay the foundation for everything to work smoothly in the end and for the specialist departments to be able to use the data successfully. Is the data quality right? Does the data need to be cleansed (data cleaning)? Do you have data governance in place? We can provide you with specialists for all of this.

  • IT processes

From development to implementation and delivery to approval processes, we are at your side. We work with you to find the fastest and best, often most pragmatic way to build solutions.

  • User interfaces

Are the interface concepts optimally designed? Are there redundancies or more elegant ways? We will be happy to check this for you.

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