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360° Customer View

Customer centricity is known to be one of the key factors for success in commerce. This requires a uniform view of the customer, the so-called 360° customer view.

360° Customer View: the
basis for personalization

Developing a customer 360º view requires implementing multiple tools, processes, and technologies and integrating them with existing systems to create one cohesive and smoothly performing mechanism. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to design and create the right solution for each company’s individual needs.

Consumers are constantly getting smarter and more tech-savvy. Their expectations continue to grow, especially when it comes to personalization. No one is impressed anymore by simple tricks like recommendations on what other shoppers have bought. Modern consumers demand much deeper personalization, on a one-to-one level. They want you to treat them exceptionally — as individuals — and remember all the interactions they had with your company, regardless of the channel or touchpoint they choose.

The only way to achieve such one-to-one personalization is to create a complete picture of who your customers are and understand every aspect of their relationships with your brand. In other words, you have to build a 360º view of each single customer to gain deep insights into their behavior and be able to respond quickly and appropriately to their needs and expectations.

How to start

You need every bit of customer data from each possible source you can have access to, both internal and external. Potential data sources can include CRM, websites, mobile apps, call centers, branches, physical stores, social media, and more.

Our professionals will help you identify all the valuable sources of customer data and design the appropriate solution to access, retrieve and integrate all this information into a single destination.

With our expert assistance, together we will tackle the biggest challenges, such as data distributed across multiple silos, enormous volumes of data that grow exponentially, or lots of disparate data sources and new ones continuously emerging.

Data quality is critical

In most cases, the data being gathered at the destination comes in various formats, incomplete, inconsistent, or of poor quality. This requires implementing appropriate data quality processes to match, deduplicate, cleanse, standardize and enrich all the incoming information.

Extensive solutions for data quality verification and improvement are one of our main areas of expertise. Having completed a number of data quality management projects, we are familiar with best-in-class tools — we know how to quickly and seamlessly integrate them with any customer systems and customize them according to individual requirements.


Achieving an actionable customer 360º view is not a one-time task as source data is constantly changing and its volume is rapidly growing.

The solutions we create ensure that customer data sets are kept fresh and complete by continuously monitoring all existing sources and providing the possibility to easily incorporate new ones as they emerge. Data is retrieved automatically — either in batches or in real-time.

Also, data quality processes can be completely automated, which is extremely important when dealing with such huge volumes of information.

Stay one step ahead of your customer

Having an up-to-date, holistic, and high-quality set of customer data in a single location is just one of the benefits you can gain by creating a 360º view of your client. Another is the ability to perform advanced analysis of the data allowing you to derive valuable insights into customer preferences and even anticipate their future decisions and behavior. The latter is enabled by predictive analytics that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Take actions

Undoubtedly, developing a comprehensive customer 360º view requires relevant expertise, skills, and experience, as well as knowledge of appropriate tools and technologies. In most cases, the assistance from an external implementation partner with a portfolio of proven solutions and tools turns out to be invaluable, allows you to significantly accelerate the task and achieve tangible benefits in the shortest time possible.

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