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360° View

360° solutions help you take your data management to a whole new level.

Keep you data up to date

360° solutions can help you keep data up to date and in sync across your entire organization. Various approaches to 360° customer and product data management have been on the market for several years and help companies consolidate information and gain a global perspective on customer and product information.

Centralized management of these business-critical assets puts an end to manual stewardship of fragmented and inconsistent data from different application silos. 360° solutions help you automatically create, enrich and share reliable and relevant data for all stakeholders involved in the business.

This allows you to provide your staff with a holistic view of data objects that includes information distributed across your whole organization, but also provides external data to give a complete picture. For customer data, this is classically the entire history, preferences, relationships, buying behavior, marketing actions, consent, and much more.

Involving all relevant departments

The design and implementation of a 360° application involve many departments in your company. In this case, it is not only important to understand the requirements of the users, but also to analyze the business processes of the departments that provide the corresponding data.

We are able to cover all these areas. Not only do we want to understand your requirements, but we always try to integrate ourselves into your teams. This helps us to adapt the solution perfectly to your daily work, to create a completely new user experience, and thus to guarantee the maximum benefit for your users.

Our experts will help you to identify all the valuable sources of relevant data and design the appropriate solution to access, retrieve and integrate all this information into a single destination. With our support, together we will tackle the biggest challenges.

Data Quality is critical

In most cases, the aggregated data comes in various formats, incomplete, inconsistent, or of poor quality. This requires implementing appropriate data quality processes to match, deduplicate, cleanse, standardize and enrich all the incoming information.

During the last years, we have implemented a number of data quality management projects and are therefore familiar with best-in-class tools — we know how to quickly and seamlessly integrate them with any customer systems and customize them according to individual requirements.

Automate to keep your data view fresh

Source data is constantly changing and its volume is rapidly growing. For this reason, the data aggregation must be automated. This will always give you a reliable 360° view of your objects. We will provide you a solution that enables you to continuously monitor all existing data sources and to incorporate new ones as they merge.

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