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We have been active in e-commerce for over 20 years. When you have that much experience behind you, you can quickly recognize the best recipes for successful online shops.

Advanced, high-conversion e-commerce solutions are our passion, without restriction on the industry you work in. We realize B2B and B2C shops as well as marketplaces and purchasing communities. All of these have one golden rule in common: customer first.

Regardless of your project’s current status – whether you are planning a new online shop, want to change your e-commerce system, or are simply looking for external support for implementation or optimization – we are at your side.

Depending on your needs, we support you and your project with consulting, project management, technical development, or the optimization of your user experience (UX). If required, we can of course also provide you with an entire end-to-end solution.

Likewise, we assist you with the launch of new systems in your company. Only if your employees and users accept and support the new technology will you get the most out of your investment and permanently open another channel to increase your sales.

How to start

Growing and running a successful e-commerce business is always a challenge. You need the right approach, appealing design, and a suitable system. We face these challenges together with you and are your expert partner when selecting the right solutions for your strategies. We collaborate with you to determine your needs and show you the best practices for your project.

To ensure optimal planning and implementation, we don’t look at your e-commerce project in isolation, but as part of your business and your entire IT landscape. In this way, you avoid insular solutions and can use your customers’ data efficiently.

Even after the project has been completed, we remain at your side, providing you with helpful information, tips and trends such as personalization for e-commerce.

The right technology

We realize web-based e-commerce solutions. In finding just the right system for each of our customers, we take into account their entire corporate structure, IT landscape, processes, and resources. We consider all the latest trends, such as headless commerce and feature-driven development, and fundamental approaches to implementation such as SOA (service-oriented architectures) vs. monolithic systems, and we realize concepts that mix the best of all of these worlds. Every client needs an individually tailored solution to achieve its goals.

Just get in touch with us. Let’s talk and find the best solution for you. We will be happy to advise and support you.


E-commerce combines numerous topics. We have highlighted some of them on our website.


Turn your customers into fans.

360° Customer View

Get to know your customers properly and meet their expectations.


No matter what digital challenge you are facing, we will support you. With various specialists in our team and our network of experts, we find the right solution for every problem.


Fresh ideas and in-depth know-how for your business

Do you need a new strategy or do you not yet know which solution best suits your venture? Let’s talk about your challenges and find the right answer for you, together.


Digital solutions that meet all requirements

Our project managers stand for the optimal fulfillment of the requirements from the areas of business, user, and technology.


We develop innovative solutions

We provide complete development teams on our own responsibility or complement existing teams with our expertise.

User Experience

We create customer experiences that inspire

We focus on the user in order to create a stunning customer experience.
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