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IT Report


6 key findings on challenges and experiences with recommendations

Content of the IT report

In order to realize the digital transformation, companies have to implement various digitization projects. However, not every completed project is successful.

  • What are the decision criteria for digitization projects? How to prioritize them? After all, not everything can be realized at once.
  • What data basis is used for decision-making? Are your decisions based on data at all?
  • Do you measure the success of your projects and, if so, with which KPIs?

We got to the bottom of these and other questions.

Study results

The results in this IT report are taken from the study “B2B Commerce — caught between economic stress test and digital efficiency”, which we published at the beginning of 2023 together with ECC KÖLN. From all the information collected, we have summarized the most concise insights in this IT report and examined them in more detail.

B2B study about digitization projects

Decision criteria

This image shows the ranking of factors that play a key role for IT managers when deciding on digitization projects. If you want to know what these are, we recommend our free IT report.


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    B2B Commerce – caught between economic stress test and digital efficiency

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