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This study examines the most important topics in agile software development – and how it is practiced.

Topics of the agile report

In our study, we asked agile experts about the following topics:

  • Agile frameworks and methods
  • Agile tools and practices
  • Is your work measured?
  • Do you prefer story points or time?
  • What do agile professionals think about meetings?
  • Importance of the Scrum Master
  • How does collaboration with less qualified team members, with business and product owners work?
  • Bottom-up versus top-down
  • What improvements have been achieved with agile software development?
  • And how does it work in companies of different sizes or various industries?

You can find the answers to these and other questions in our comprehensive AGILE REPORT.

We asked

With which agile frameworks do you have experience?

Exciting Insights

Many responses, some of which deviate massively from the basic rules once established, surprised us less, some more. Ultimately, every company should apply agile development methods in a way that suits their specific needs. Because in the end, it is the result that counts. We also asked what improvements have been achieved with agile. Read the answers in our AGILE REPORT.

If you need support with the introduction or optimization of agile, please contact us at experts@striped-giraffe.com.


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    The Agile Report 2024

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