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Challenges & Opportunities
of digitalization
in the financial sector

incl. Insurance

The work and market processes typical of the financial sector predestine it like no other for the implementation of digital processes at all levels of value creation.

For many financial institutions and insurance companies, however, the term “digitization” is still far too strongly linked to the pure optimization of online access and platforms for their customers. Their investment activity focuses almost exclusively on modernizing existing IT systems or optimizing the user experience (UX).

If you want to achieve higher growth and better UX, you have to create the necessary prerequisites internally. This starts with the critical review of workflows, continues with the establishment of AI-supported data analysis and use, and continues with the use of cloud-based platforms.

IT-Investments in 2023

IT investments of finance and insurance companies


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    Challenges and opportunities of digitalization in the financial sector including insurance companies

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